Patricia Slind developed the VINSS bag, a unisex bag designed exclusively to help anyone who struggles to view the contents of a bag at a low light level. She has a provisional patent for the bag and has developed a prototype. Slind needed assistance in efficiently integrating the LED lights, light-level detecting sensors, on/off switch, and USB driver into the bag. The USB driver serves to charge the bag and other electronic devices such as a mobile phone.

SATOP Director Bob Payne recommended that Slind apply for assistance from the 2019 Wearable Technologies Challenge Program hosted by the Technology Collaboration Center (TCC), since the scope of the project would exceed SATOP’s 40-hour limit for technical assistance.

Payne assisted Slind in developing her proposal for the program. Her challenge was accepted by TCC Board of Directors, and San Jacinto College, a TCC partner, volunteered to work with Slind to develop a working prototype. Nathanial Wiggins, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, San Jacinto College – North Campus, is leading the project with his engineering students to develop a fully functional prototype. Slind is thrilled with the progress made by Wiggins and his students and anticipates manufacturing and marketing the novel product in mid-2020.

Payne said, “San Jacinto College is a SATOP Alliance Partner, and Professor Wiggins and his students have successfully solved technical challenges for several SATOP clients. I’m certain that Slind will be completely satisfied with the outcome.”